Transformation through Crisis


Workshop with Advaitananda - Learn How to Wisely Integrate Crisis as beneficial and fruitful period of growth and thrive, from a spiritual perspective

We live in a time when the scale of values turn upside down, when it seems that everything enters in a crisis. In times like this we often fall, like so many around us, in a “survival” mentality. But wise ones know that a crisis is simply a lesson we can no longer postpone, and can be used as a beneficial opportunity for growth.

Often we tend to forget our goals in life when the crisis appears, mobilizing our resources only in the direction of surviving. And when the crisis is gone, we find ourselves far from the path leading to our goals.

With the right knowledge and practical understanding we can use the crisis situation like a skillful sailor uses a storm in order to travel very fast to the chosen destination.

This is the best time to learn this knowledge and practical methods as we have plenty of opportunities to apply them in our life. What for others in a tormenting time of crisis can be transformed in a stream of opportunities to transform and evolve.

In this workshop Advaitananda will explore:

  • how to extract the spiritual essence and lesson of any crisis
  • the wisest inner attitudes to cultivate in crisis, in order to overcome and transform through them
  • how to strategically "use" crisis to accelerate growth, rather than to just "survive" through them
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