Spiritual Life Workshop


Workshop with Advaitananda - Practical advice to implement the spiritual practice with all the needs of our daily life

One of the problems aspirants are confronted with when choosing to embrace some spiritual values, when building a spiritual practice, is to bring this perspective in a harmonious way into the daily life.

It is much easier to be a great yogi when you don’t have bills to pay, or neighbors to deal with, or when you do not have a boss who has a very different opinion about almost everything in life. But how can we live a spiritual life when we are surrounded by all the above and even more?

In order to solve this existential dilemma, some choose to isolate themselves, to stay away, as much as possible, from the world life, living in a “bubble” that they spend an increasing amount of energy and time in order to preserve its isolation.

Others feel overwhelmed by the temptations and start to make compromises, in hopes that such strategy will make things easier... but rarely a compromise can bring something good, when it comes to evolution and transformation.

Between these two obvious extremes the wise masters of the esoteric tantra yoga offered surprising simple and practical advices to make possible to have an unshakable spiritual life, harmoniously integrated within the daily duties and world experiences.

In this workshop we begin a series of practical advices for those who aspire to harmoniously integrate their spiritual choices within their fulfilling daily existence.

These advices and practical methods are the result of practical experiences and prove their utility mostly for those who already aspire to have a harmonious spiritual life within the world.

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