Science of Integral Success


Masterclass with Advaitananda

"He who masters balance masters everything in the universe”

It is said that “success comes at a cost”. You hear of high flying successful business people that suddenly drop dead in a hotel room somewhere and have to flown back to their own funeral. Or people dying right after they retire and were about to “start enjoying life”. You have people who “choose their family at the expense of a career” or the other way around.
So many people get to the “top of the mountain”, only to discover that something is missing or that the cost was indeed to high. It seems than in order to obtain success we have to sacrifice something - but that something doesn’t have to be our health and happiness.
For many years tons of trash was being sold to China, millions of old computer and piles of plastic, shampoo bottles and yoghurt containers being shipped in giant containers to end up in giant landfills. Some countries are all clean, but the planet still has a problem.
There is a law of balance in the universe and if you push things too far in one direction, you create trouble somewhere else. It’s a law which can’t be ignored, just like gravity. It still works, even if you don’t believe in it.
If we want to have success in life, in whatever area of life, we need to successfully work with gravity instead of against it. “He who masters balance masters everything in the universe”
The biggest problem today is the complex MOTIVATIONAL system that hides the real flow of LIFE => making us act against our own deep needs and ruin the integral SUCCESS.
Basically, desires and motivational factors drive us to do things which are out of sync, with the universal laws and with ourselves and our own fundamental needs. They are automation factors, effectively blinding us. Motivation is lying to you. It’s a drug dealer that wants you to get your daily fix. People get addicted to the gym, to the rush of closing a big deal at work, to getting “likes” on facebook. Instead of using willpower to obtain real goals, our willpower gets corrupted into pursuing things which aren’t really important, and even if you apparently obtain success (1 million likes!) - it will come with heavy side effects and it won’t make you happy.
⁃ How to obtain success without side effects
⁃ Discover the connection between your fundamental needs and your goals in life
⁃ Avoid falling into the trap of “working harder”
⁃ Willpower vs Desires - the biggest force in the universe
⁃ Replace shallow motivational schemes with deep aspiration and true sense of purpose
⁃ Develop your attention and the capacity to keep your eyes on the goal
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