Small Gestures Workshop


Workshop with Advaitananda - Learn the very impactful gestures that can easily transform us

Often the significant transformations we need in our lives seem to require big efforts, difficult sacrifices, or tormenting life choices…But is there a way we can operate major transformations in our being, in our life, in a friendlier manner?

To use an analogy: some obstacles on our path, some difficulties we face, inwards or outwards, seem to require the power of dynamite to surpass them.

However, when drops of water flow together in the same direction, forming a river, they generate a huge power. Over time, the river can dig through even the toughest stone.

In the same way - knowing where and when to manifest it, even a small gesture can, by adequate repetition, generate tremendous beneficial effects.

This workshop will explore

  • the power of consistency & compounding daily actions
  • how to create simple beneficial gestures - which can be done easily, with minimal friction or difficulty, yet generate huge power
  • how to use these gestures to uproot and replace unconscious bad habits with beneficial transformations
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