Yoga of Colours


Workshop with Adina Stoian

Learn about the effects of colours on consciousness & the human being.

Learn about the effects of colours on consciousness & the human being

Thoughts, emotions, moods, and even the functions of the human body are affected by colours. By understanding their nuances, colours can be used in art, design, meditation, and even in natural healing for their beneficial effects.

This workshop is best for people interested in:

  • Creativity & Art - learn how to use colours for specific moods & effects in design, decoration, even in the clothes you wear
  • Yoga & Meditation - learn how to use colours in visualization & meditation to improve your practice & assimilate their beneficial effects
  • Natural Healing - learn which colours can be used in chromo-therapy (colour-therapy) to heal certain inner diseases & imbalances

You will learn introductory notions about

  • The meaning of colours & their role in your life - how colours affect life experiences & everyday existence
  • The psychology of colours - the characteristics, thoughts, emotions and feelings associated with each colour
  • The effects of colours on the human body - and how to use colours to improve digestion, sleep, mental focus, libido, and more
  • How the clothes you wear affect your mood & the mood of those around you - and how to choose colours for specific moods, actions, and seasons
  • What your favorite colour says about you - and what it means when someone psychologically prefers or rejects certain colours
  • How to use creative visualization of colours to change your predominant mental & emotional patterns
  • How to identify “positive” or “negative” tones of each colour so you can easily choose the most beneficial tones of each colour
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